Custom Dance Costumes

Dance is so much more than just what your dancer learns in the studio. The same can be said about their costuming. Adding high quality crystals to your dancers costume will bring so much more than bling to the stage. When your dancer feels good about what they are wearing their confidence shines through. Rhinestones can make any costume, whether its custom or catalog, look amazing under stage lights. At Blinging for Tipps we customize our offerings to your needs. As a dance director I spent many hours customizing costumes and hairpieces for the stage. We know that costuming can be a stressful situation, especially when it is for a solo or small group. We can promise you we will be just as obsessed with the over all quality and appearance as you are. Our goal is to see every dancer look and feel their very best while staying within the confines of your budget. Watching your dancer’s face light up with joy when they see their costume sparkle and shine is worth it all. As a customer of Blinging for Tipps you will be treated like part of our dance family. We guarantee you will love the costume or we will make it right.

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For quotes we prefer you give us a call at 682-325-9508. If you are too busy for a call email me direct at or fill out the Get a Quote Form

Blinging for Tipps accepts jobs of all sizes. We have years of experience working to make all dancers in a group look equally amazing. Email or call us for a quote for all your solo, duo, trio or group dances. We will work as quickly as possible to give your costumes the sparkle and shine you desire on stage. We can also offer you a large selection of colors, cuts and crystal effects to find the perfect match for any costume. Since all stones are placed by hand and require time to set, keep in mind that larger orders will take time to properly bling out. The earlier you contact Blinging for Tipps the faster you will have your fantastic rhinestoned costumes returned to you!